Beta Kappa Chapter Named American Red Cross Partner of the Year

Beakie Powell of the West Alabama Chapter of the American Red Cross works closely with the men of the Beta Kappa chapter. The chapter was recently named the 2016 Corporate Partner of the Year.
“The chapter at The University of Alabama has been a huge asset to the West Alabama
Chapter of the American Red Cross. They have support the Home Fire Campaign over the last two years, installing hundreds of smoke alarms into at risk home and providing important fire safety information to residents.

Through their fundraising efforts they have donated over $20,000 to the local Red Cross chapter. Those funds support the mission of the Red Cross to help individuals in the face of disaster.

The young men of Delta Sigma Phi have been wonderful to work with, each one is a gentleman with high moral character. Their group has given back to the community of Tuscaloosa with their time and respect.

Delta Sigma Phi has been chosen as the Corporate Partner for 2016.”

The Pilgrim Degree

This article was original run in the spring 2015 issue of the Carnation. It has been updated to reflect the 2017 Convention.

The Pilgrim Degree – It’s For You!

By Loren Mall, Historian


If you ask previous Convention delegates about their favorite part of a National Convention, some of them will say it is the Pilgrim Degree. This ceremony will be presented again at the Baltimore Convention to bring you a fast-paced and fun-filled evening. If you are part of it, you will gain additional best friends and new enlightenment by the time it finishes.

The first Pilgrim Degree was conducted at the 1923 convention in Dallas. It was conceived and presented by Charles Tonsor, the co-founder of our Fraternity. It is awarded only at national conventions, and you will want to be in Baltimore to discover its revelations.

The original program of 1923 was not specific to the Fraternity, and it was not presented again. A revision in 1937 did not generate much enthusiasm either. Twenty-six years passed before the degree was conferred once more. That occurred in 1963 when the witty Harold Pete Winter, destined to become President of the Delta Sigma Phi Foundation a few years later, decided to add activity to the Convention agenda. He introduced his distinctive version of the event for that purpose.

In 1979, then National President Loren Mall accepted the challenge to provide both fun and meaning as a route to a fuller understanding of our Fraternity. This Pilgrim Degree is now presented at each Convention, orchestrated in recent years by former National President Christopher Northern. Judging by the chortles of laughter and smiling faces that pervade the great hall where the event occurs, along with the knowledgeable expressions that emerge when it has ended, it meets both tests. You may have noticed a few members of your chapter wearing a fez at official Fraternity occasions. It is a safe bet they have not told you what it represents.

Whatever your age and Fraternity record, you can show off your own odd hat and make members  regard you with wonder if you take the Pilgrim Degree in 2017. This will be the 20th time the current degree has startled our Convention delegates. Through it, you can master the third sequence in the meaningful enigmas of our Fraternity. You will become one of the more than 5,000 Delta Sigs who have laughed and learned as they made this special journey into the deeper riddles of Delta Sigma Phi.

Interested? Sign up for the class when you register for Convention!

Convention 2017 Chapter and Member Awards

One of the oldest traditions of the Fraternity is recognizing members and chapters for high achievement and excellence in specific areas of chapter operation. Chapters and members receiving these awards represent an ideal that all members of the Fraternity should strive for.

A select number of awards are given on an annual basis, while the remaining are only awarded during Convention years. These Convention awards will be given out during a special ceremony on Saturday, July 8th.

To receive these awards, the member must first be nominated. However, you may fill out the form for yourself for the Outstanding Undergraduate award:


Order of the Sphinx

Nominate an Undergraduate

Recipients will be recognized at our 2017 Convention. Deadline: June 1

The Order of the Sphinx Award recognizes undergraduate leaders of Delta Sigma Phi who have contributed significantly to their campus, chapter and to the Fraternity on a national level.  Chapters, Alumni Corporation Boards and Advisors should determine those members most deserving of this high undergraduate award through nomination and vote.  Candidates must have been a member for at least four terms/semesters.


Outstanding Chapter Advisor

Nominate an Advisor

Recipient will be recognized at our 2017 Convention. Deadline: June 1

First awarded at the 1985 Convention, the Charles G. Bartell Outstanding Chapter Advisor Award recognizes a Chapter Advisor or ACB member for exceptional service in advising or service to one of the Fraternity’s chapters or colonies. The award was named after the first recipient, Charles G. Bartell, University of Idaho ‘54, who served as Chapter Advisor to the Gamma Iota Chapter (University of Idaho) for more than three decades.


Outstanding Undergraduate

Submit your Application

Recipient will be recognized at our 2017 Convention. Deadline: June 1

The highest award the Fraternity bestow to an undergraduate brother is the E. Allen James Outstanding Undergraduate Award. The award is given annually to one undergraduate brother who contributed the most to his chapter and the Fraternity. Selection is based on an application that is submitted to the Fraternity Headquarters and is reviewed by a committee.

The award is named in honor of E. Allen James, North Carolina State University ‘65, whose service to the Fraternity has included the position of Executive Director, member of the Grand Council and president of the Delta Sigma Phi Foundation.

The E. Allen James Outstanding Undergraduate award is either a self-nominated recognition or can be nominated by another brother; please submit the form to apply.


The following awards are also given during the awards ceremony, but are not open for member nominations:


Career Achievement

Recipient will be recognized at our 2017 Convention. Deadline: June 1

The Career Achievement Award is presented to members of the Fraternity who have achieved outstanding success within their chosen professions. First given in 1985, the list of recipients includes two Pulitzer Prize winners, a U.S. Presidential candidate, a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, and U.S. President Ronald Reagan’s deputy chief of staff, among others.


Francis Pete Wacker Interfraternal

Recipient will be recognized at our 2017 Convention. Deadline: June 1

The Francis “Pete” Wacker Award for Interfraternal Service is presented to either a member or a non-member of the Fraternity who has made a significant contribution to the advancement of interfraternal cooperation or the improvement of his or her own fraternity, sorority or the Greek world in general.

The award is named for past Delta Sigma Phi Executive Director Francis “Pete” Wacker, Penn State University ‘33. He was well known in the interfraternity world and served as president of the Fraternity Executives Association and the College Fraternity Editors Association.


Outstanding Alumni Association

Receiving Association/Chapter will be recognized at our 2017 Convention. Deadline: June 1

The Hugh “Cap” Ryan Outstanding Alumni Association Award is presented to an alumni association or alumni chapter that has shown excellence in support of a local chapter or in strengthening the bonds of brotherhood in a particular geographic region.

The award is named in honor of Dr. Hugh “Cap” Ryan, University of Pittsburgh ’16, whose extensive service to the Fraternity included being National President, Editor of The Carnation and National Historian.


Outstanding National Volunteer

Recipient will be recognized at our 2017 Convention. Deadline: June 1

Given previously to District Governors and Leadership Advisors, the Russell T. Roebuck Outstanding National Volunteer Award is now presented to a national volunteer who has performed exceptional service to the chapters he has advised. The effectiveness the volunteer has shown in working with undergraduate chapters, alumni chapter and alumni associations are the primary criterion for receiving this award.

The award is named for Russell T. Roebuck, Barton College ‘58, who served the fraternity as a member of the Grand Council and as national president.

2017 McKee Scholarship Application Now Open

The 2017 McKee Scholarship application is now available!

First awarded in 2009, the McKee Scholarship program is made available thanks to the generosity of the late Hensel McKee, Washington ’30, and his wife Jeanette McKee. The McKee Scholarship Endowment issues three kinds of scholarships: for leadership (Courage), service (Action) and academics (Excellence).

To learn more about the McKee Scholarship program, including the values of the scholarships available, read our Grants and Scholarships page.

Application Requirements: The Delta Sigma Phi Foundation will award up to $10,000 per individual scholarship recipient. To be eligible, applicants must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, be initiated members of Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity in good standing, and be enrolled at a college or university during the Fall 2017 term. The Scholarship is available to undergraduate members and alumni members who are pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees at accredited college universities. Funds from the McKee Scholarship can also be used for study abroad programs.

Deadline: The application deadline is May 13, 2017 at midnight (PT). To be eligible for the McKee Scholarship, all components of the application must be completed and received by that date. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Award acknowledgements and denial notifications will be sent via email the third week of July.

The application can be found here.

Frequently Asked Q&A: Based on feedback from previous years, here are some Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q: “I am a graduating senior, do I apply for the Undergraduate or Graduate Scholarship?”
A: If you are a graduating senior and you are attending graduate school in the fall 2017 semester, you should apply for the Graduate Scholarship.

Q: “I will be completing my undergraduate degree over the summer, can I list this degree as earned?”
A: Yes, but confirmation of completion will be needed prior to any awards being given.

Q: “I am a part-time student. Am I eligible for the McKee Scholarship?”
A: Yes, part-time students are eligible for the McKee Scholarship.

Q: “I am pursuing a certificate at a college or university. Am I eligible for the McKee Scholarship?”
A: No. Unfortunately, the McKee Scholarship is only open to those students who are pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees.

Q: “I am studying abroad. Am I eligible for the McKee Scholarship?”
A: Yes, students who are studying abroad are still eligible for the 2017 McKee Scholarship.

Q: “My chapter has been closed. Am I still eligible for the McKee Scholarship?”
A: Yes, if you are a member in good standing, you are still eligible for the McKee Scholarship even if your chapter has been closed.

Q: “I have won the McKee Scholarship in the past. Am I still eligible?”
A: Yes, past recipients are still eligible for the McKee Scholarship and may apply again.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Caroline Escobar at On behalf of the Delta Sigma Phi Foundation, we wish you the best of luck in earning the 2017 McKee Scholarship!

Announcing New Partnership with Legacy Financial

Indianapolis, Indiana – Delta Sigma Phi is excited to announce a fraternal partnership with Legacy Financial (LegFi) as the preferred provider of billing, accounting, and tax filing services for all of their chapters and new chapters.

Benefits provided to the chapters by include:

  • Creating budgets and tracking cash flow
  • Invoicing to members and parents electronically
  • Collecting membership agreements
  • Quick and easy online bill payments
  • Electronic invoices to members and parents
  • Phone calls to past due members
  • Collections process management when necessary
  • Easy, online filing of annual tax reports – forms 990N and 990EZ

To sign up for an online demonstration of LegFi’s services, click on this link:

For other questions or information regarding the LegFi partnership, please feel free to contact
J. B. Goll, Director of National Accounts at or 859-309-3640.

“Legacy Financial will be a tremendous resource for our chapters to assist with their overall financial management. The services Legacy Financial provides are easy to use, affordable, and exactly what Delta Sigma Phi needs to better serve our undergraduate membership. We are excited about this partnership.”
– Amber Huston, COO, Delta Sigma Phi
“LegFi is excited to build our partnership with Delta Sigma Phi. Our mission is to work with chapters and headquarters staff to help efficiently manage collections, reporting, and tax filing at the local level.”
– Michael Bollinger, President of Legacy Financial

Fraternity Position Available: Director of Responsibility and Accountability

Delta Sigma Phi is looking for a Director of Responsibility and Accountability at its Headquarters in Indianapolis. See the description below for details, and send your application and/or questions to

Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity Headquarters
2960 North Meridian Street
Indianapolis, IN 46208


Delta Sigma Phi does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, sexual identity or national origin.

The Director of Responsibility and Accountability will be a key department manager, reporting to the Chief Operations Officer. The Director will work closely with undergraduate and alumni members, volunteers, host institution partners, and our Fraternity Headquarters staff to achieve organizational compliance and provide constituent support.


Responsible for administration of risk management policies and procedures within the Fraternity (including management of compliance initiatives and investigations); execution of strategies to reduce risk and support constituents; providing harm reduction education; and developing housing resources. Key responsibilities include:

  • Implementing a premier Harm Reduction Education and Risk Response program;
  • Coordinating chapter compliance initiatives (including the Fraternity’s Alcohol-Free Housing and GreekLifeEdu programs);
  • Leading investigation of and response to member- and chapter-related risk management incidents;
  • Reviewing event and program plans for adherence to Fraternity policies and expectations;
  • Facilitating educational programs on Fraternity policies, risk management, member well-being, and other relevant topics;
  • Managing disciplinary status change processes for members related to expulsions or membership reviews;
  • Collaborating with multiple Fraternity Headquarters teams to accomplish shared goals;
  • Supervising and training department and other Headquarters staff members;
  • Participating in key professional development opportunities to monitor developments in student conduct, prevention education, and industry trends;
  • Drafting and reviewing crisis communications and public statements such as press releases;
  • Assist with the coordination of insurance-related matters;
  • Communicating with all members and constituents in a professional and timely manner;
  • Providing members and constituents excellent customer service and serving as an ambassador of Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity;
  • Performing other duties as assigned.


A bachelor’s degree with four to seven years of professional or similar experience is required, as well as excellent written & verbal communications and organization skills. Experience with student conduct (specifically including organizational conduct investigations) in a higher education setting, ATIXA (or comparable) investigations training, and prevention education are preferred, as well as a master’s or other advanced degree. Membership within Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity is preferred, but not required.

In addition, the successful candidate will be one who is self-managing and who is able to adapt to new situations and environments quickly. Critical thinking, reasoning, facilitation, supervisory, and analytical skills are necessary to execute the position well. Attendance at evening and weekend events as well as some travel is required. Proficiency with Microsoft Office required.


Please submit resume, salary requirements, and cover letter to

Recognizing Cameron Carey

Cameron Carey, 2012 initiate of the Epsilon Iota chapter of Delta Sigma Phi at University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, has been recognized with the E. Allen James Outstanding Undergraduate Award.

The E. Allen James Award is the highest award the Fraternity can give to an undergraduate brother. On  the award, Tom Cycyota, National President of Delta Sigma Phi, shared “Only one undergraduate brother will receive the E. Allen James Award each year. The honor goes to an individual who truly embodies the mission and values of Delta Sigma Phi, and has consistently gone above and beyond in their service within the Fraternity and their local college community.”

The award is named in honor of E. Allen James, North Carolina State ’65, whose service to the Fraternity has included executive director, member of the Grand Council, and president of the Delta Sigma Phi Foundation. Mr. James was present to bestow his namesake award to Carey.

“I am amazed at the accomplishments of Cam Carey during his undergraduate career at University of Wisconsin, Lacrosse. It is clear Cam put into action the many leadership techniques he learned from participating in Delta Sig training events. His chapter, Epsilon Iota, benefitted, as did his University. It was an honor to present the E. Allen James Outstanding Undergraduate Award to Cam and to know he is currently working for the national fraternity. More brothers across the country will now learn from him.”

Carey graduated from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse in 2016, and now serves as a chapter support specialist for Delta Sigma Phi’s national headquarters.

Announcing the 2016 Chapter Awards

The Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity has announced chapter-level awards for the 2015-2016 academic year. Chapter awards for 2016 include the Pyramid of Excellence, Chapter of Distinction, Blood Sweat & Cash Award, Harris Award for Excellence in Recruitment, the Service Award, the Philanthropy Award, the Leadership Award and the Ritual Award.

Awards are determined by committees after reviewing each chapter’s performance in The Pyramid Program, Delta Sigma Phi’s annual assessment and accreditation process. Chapters also had the option to submit award applications with additional information and documentation to improve their chances at being recognized for an achievement.

Listed below are a breakdown of each award, followed by a list of recipients and honorable mentions:

Harris Recruitment Award: This award is given to chapters based on their recruitment efforts and alignment with the Fraternity’s recruitment education provided at Summit. The growth of a chapter, its size relative to the average chapter size on campus and within Delta Sigma Phi, and a chapter’s alignment with the 365 Year-Round Recruitment/Marketing practices taught at the Bruce J. Lowenberg Summit were taken into account to determine the recipient and honorable mentions.

  • The 2015-2016 winner, the Gamma Rho Chapter at Gannon University, grew by 48.65% year-over-year, nearly doubles the average chapter size for fraternities on their campus and markets to potential members year-round.

Blood, Sweat & Cash Award: The Blood, Sweat & Cash Award is given to a chapter with an exceptional and well-rounded commitment to the Fraternity’s national philanthropic focus: The American Red Cross. Chapters eligible for this award provided documentation to confirm their contributions to the Red Cross.

  • This year’s winner, the Iota Delta Chapter at James Madison University, raised $5,700 for their chapter of the Red Cross’ local disaster response fund and prepared 350 home fire preparedness kits for local families. Additionally, the winning chapter collected 141 pints of blood, which can save up to 423 lives! The winning chapter also became the first since the Fraternity’s alignment with the American Red Cross to partner with another chapter for a competitive fundraising event, and seeks to grow this event in the years to come.

Philanthropy Award: The Philanthropy Award recognizes a chapter that has dedicated significant effort to raising funds for non-profits including, but not limited to, The American Red Cross.

  • The Theta Chi Chapter at The University of Georgia has been awarded the Philanthropy Award for 2015-2016. The chapter raised $21,000 through their annual Miss Sorority Row Contest and an additional $19,000 for UGA Miracle for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

Service Award: The Service Award recognizes a culture of volunteerism built into the day-to-day experiences of members of Delta Sigma Phi. The total number of hours, hours per man, and effect of service are all considered in determining the recipient.

  • The Beta Mu Chapter at Transylvania University is the recipient of the Service Award in 2016. The brothers of Beta Mu Chapter averaged 53.7 hours of service per member and 94.62% of brothers volunteered 20 or more hours to local partners. The chapter worked with Habitat for Humanity about every two weeks to assist in home builds, restore shifts and street clean ups.

Ritual Award: The Ritual Award is new for 2016, and recognizes a chapter that best implements the values and founding principles of the Fraternity into its daily, weekly and monthly activities.

  • The Beta Mu Chapter at Transylvania University receives the Ritual Award for their commitment to incorporating the values of the Fraternity into weekly meetings, the orientation of new members, and by incorporating it into the planning processes of the chapter. The chapter also hosted two ritual education meetings and included members from the Theta Mu chapter and alumni members.

Leadership Award: The Leadership Award is given to the chapter with the highest level of involvement of its membership in campus or local organizations other than Delta Sigma Phi, the percentage of men with leadership positions in those organizations as well as the reach and diversity of organizations with which the members are involved.

  • The Beta Mu Chapter at Transylvania University engaged 98% of their 93 members in organizations other than Delta Sigma Phi. Additionally, 63.5% of those members hold leadership positions in organizations including student government, admissions ambassadors, residential life, writing consulting, on-campus tutoring, and the theatre guild. The Inter-Fraternity Council President is also a member of the chapter. This is in addition to exceptional performances academically and with regard to community service.

Pyramid of Excellence & Chapter of Distinction: These awards are given to chapters with a high completion rate in the Pyramid Program. The chapter’s submissions and documentation are reviewed and those that have made exceptional contributions to their communities in addition to a well-rounded overall performance were considered for the award. For the 2015-2016 academic year, the Fraternity is awarding 5 Pyramids of Excellence and 2 Chapter of Distinction awards.

CHAPTER OF DISTINCTION – Alpha Pi Chapter – Michigan State University

The Alpha Pi Chapter achieved an average 3.06 GPA among their 114 members and gave just under $22,000 to non-profits, including $1,750 to the American Red Cross. 98 members volunteered 20 hours or more over the course of the year.

CHAPTER OF DISTINCTION – Iota Lambda Chapter – Appalachian State University

The Iota Lambda Chapter maintained a 3.197 average GPA among their 55 members and raised $852 for disaster relief funds. Members volunteered 1,094 hours of service and dedicated another $2,050 to Hunter’s Heroes and PKU (Phenylketonuria) awareness. 100% of members are involved in another campus organization.

PYRAMID OF EXCELLENCE – Epsilon Kappa Chapter – Loyola University Chicago

The Epsilon Kappa Chapter finished the spring 2016 academic term with a 3.23 average GPA and a chapter size of 79 men. Of those 79 men, nearly 50% maintain leadership positions in organizations across campus and the chapter collected 73 pints of blood on behalf of the American Red Cross. Epsilon Kappa completed 19 out of a possible 20 components in the Pyramid Program, and organized efforts for local philanthropic partners, personal and career development programs for chapter members and a health and wellness program.

PYRAMID OF EXCELLENCE – Alpha Iota Chapter – The Ohio State University

The Alpha Iota Chapter maintained a 3.42 average GPA compared to a campus average of 3.19. The chapter organized several events for parents of members throughout the year and provides high levels of personal development training, including strengths assessments and professional branding. Alpha Iota grew by 30.3% year-over-year and incorporates year-round marketing and recruitment efforts including one-on-one meetings throughout the year, interest presentations and values based selection criteria. The chapter raised more than $2,150 for the Red Cross and collected 142 pints of blood, saving more than 400 lives!

PYRAMID OF EXCELLENCE – Theta Psi Chapter – Shorter University

The Theta Psi chapter collected 101 pints of blood for the American Red Cross this year, saving up to 303 lives, and dedicated 130 hours of service to the Red Cross, the most reported by any chapter. 95% of Theta Psi members are involved in another campus organization and 29% maintain leadership roles within those organizations. Chapter members dedicated more than 1,100 hours to service and above a 3.0 average GPA. As the only fraternity chapter at Shorter University, Theta Psi maintains a commitment to excellence that can be challenging without immediate competition.

PYRAMID OF EXCELLENCE – Delta Epsilon Chapter – Missouri University of Science & Technology

The Delta Epsilon Chapter completed 3,330 hours of service, averaging 40 hours per member and with 98% of members completing 20 hours or more of service. The chapter also raised $3,000 for the American Red Cross through an annual Burgers, Shakes and Fries event and was recognized for their “unwavering support” of their local chapter of the Red Cross throughout the year. In addition to these efforts, the chapter members maintained an average GPA of a 3.298 compared to a 3.048 campus average.

PYRAMID OF EXCELLENCE – Beta Mu Chapter – Transylvania University

The Beta Mu Chapter completed 20 out of a possible 20 components in their Pyramid Program submission (the first and only chapter to do so). During the past year, the chapter volunteered nearly 5,000 hours of service, averaging 53 hours per member. There are 93 men in the Beta Mu chapter, the largest on campus and a significant accomplishment at an institution with an enrollment of fewer than 600 men.

Listed below are the recipients and honorable mentions for each award:

Pyramid of Excellence

Beta Mu – Transylvania University

Delta Epsilon – Missouri University of Science & Technology

Theta Psi – Shorter University

Alpha Iota – The Ohio State University

Epsilon Kappa – Loyola University Chicago

Chapter of Distinction

Alpha Pi – Michigan State University

Iota Lambda – Appalachian State University

Harris Recruitment Award

Winner: Gamma Rho – Gannon University

Honorable Mentions: Alpha Iota (Ohio State), Alpha Pi (Michigan State)

Blood Sweat & Cash Award

Winner: Iota Delta – James Madison University

Honorable Mention: Zeta Upsilon (Eureka College)

Philanthropy Award

Winner: Theta Chi – University of Georgia

Honorable Mention: Alpha Pi (Michigan State)

Service Award

Winner: Beta Mu – Transylvania University

Honorable Mentions – Delta Epsilon (Missouri S&T), Alpha Lambda (Appalachian State)

Ritual Award

Winner: Beta Mu – Transylvania University

Leadership Award

Winner: Beta Mu – Transylvania University

Honorable Mentions: Zeta Upsilon (Eureka College), Alpha Iota (Ohio State)

Fraternity Position Available: Assistant Director of Education and Assessment

Delta Sigma Phi is looking for a Assistant Director of Education and Assessment at its Headquarters in Indianapolis. See the description below for details, and send your application and/or questions to Amber Huston at

Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity Headquarters
2960 North Meridian Street
Indianapolis, IN 46208


Delta Sigma Phi does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, sexual identity or national origin.

Delta Sigma Phi seeks a dynamic, creative, and self-motivated individual as its Assistant Director of Education & Assessment.  The Assistant Director will work alongside professional staff and volunteers to design, administer and assess educational content relevant to the organization’s strategic plan.


The Assistant Director of Education & Assessment will report to the Director of Educational Initiatives.  Together, they will lead organizational efforts to provide education, training, and organization-wide assessments for undergraduate and alumni members.  Primary responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Implement an organization-wide member experience assessment tool.
  • Lead and develop a long-term assessment strategy that will encompass in-person and online educational initiatives.
  • Oversight of organizational wide data collection that will guide the Fraternity’s services, educational programs, and business planning.
  • Serve as the project lead for the Fraternity’s online learning management system, The Lamp, to coordinate the development of educational videos and presentations related to student leadership, undergraduate advising, personal development, and volunteer management.
  • Assist with the coordination of national education programs.
  • Implement the organization’s educational initiatives as outlined by the Fraternity’s strategic plan and educational framework.


A bachelor’s degree with experience in training and development or instructional design. A preference will be given to candidates with a data analysis and research methods background.  The ideal candidate will have previous experience with fraternity and sorority organizations, higher education, or related fields.


Please submit resume, salary requirements, and cover letter to:
Amber Shaverdi Huston, Chief Operations Officer
(317) 634-1899

2016-2017 McKee Scholarship Recipients

This fall, 64 Delta Sigs will receive a helping hand from the Delta Sigma Phi Foundation when it comes to paying for their education. In July 2016, Delta Sigma Phi Foundation announced its 2016-2017 McKee Scholarship recipients.

Since 2009, these scholarships have provided much-needed resources for brothers seeking either undergraduate or post-graduate degrees. These funds are made possible through will bequest to the Foundation from brother Hensel McKee, University of Washington ’30, which provided just over $4.3 million to the Foundation.

This year, the Foundation created new scholarship levels with differing dispersement amounts and tying the scholarships to Delta Sig’s ideals of being men of Courage, Action and Excellence.

Congratulations to these men!

The Better Man Scholarship

$10,000 each for men who for well-rounded embodiment of Delta Sigma Phi values.

  • Chad Schweinzger, Delta Delta, Purdue University
  • Suraj Rama, Theta Mu, University of Kentucky
  • Daniel Cooper, Beta Mu, Transylvania University

Nile Scholarships

$500 for undergraduates exhibiting exceptional leadership and values.

  • Henry Booth, Alpha Epsilon, Duke University
  • Nathaniel Gaydosik, Theta Psi, Shorter University
  • Samuel Anderson, Iota Kappa, University of Utah
  • Mason Baker, Iota Epsilon, University of Central Florida
  • Braxton Palmer, Beta Psi, Arizona State University
  • Stephan Montes, Beta, Columbia University
  • Nanhao Chen, Beta Mu, Transylvania University
  • Ryan John, Bradley University
  • Matt Klosterman, Delta Epsilon, Missouri University of Science & Technology
  • James Mullenbach, Alpha Gamma, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Finn Hobson, Omega, University of Pittsburgh
  • Thomas Anjard, Alpha Upsilon, Kansas State University
  • Alex Lebhar, Iota Epsilon, University of Central Florida
  • Garrett Paulson, Epsilon Iota, University of Wisconsin – LaCrosse
  • John Grodhaus, Theta Chi, University of Georgia
  • Justin Kubal, Alpha Alpha, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Sphinx Scholarships

$2,500 for graduate students.

  • Joseph Underwood, Beta Mu, Transylvania University
  • Shomik Chaudhuri, Beta Gamma, University of California, Los Angeles
  • Eric LaPlant, Theta Rho, University of Oregon
  • Mark Sherman, Epsilon, The Pennsylvania State University
  • Raj Ardeshna, Gamma Zeta, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
  • Christian Suero, Alpha Pi, Michigan State University
  • Quentin Becker, Beta Mu, Transylvania University
  • Martin Seitz, Theta Kappa, State University of New York at Oswego
  • Dongyu Wang, Alpha Gamma, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Arthur Montejano, Beta Nu, California State University, Fresno
  • Donald Gallenstein, Beta Mu, Transylvania University
  • Tyler Violillo, Iota Zeta, Miami University
  • Charles DeLisle, Epsilon Tau, Grand Valley State University
  • Clinton Nelson, Beta Psi, Arizona State University
  • Brett Fountain, Theta Mu, University of Kentucky

Men of Courage Scholarships

$2,500 for men who exhibit exceptional leadership.

  • Adam Benjamin, Iota Zeta, Miami University
  • Elias Hanna, Beta Mu, Transylvania University
  • Usman Virk, Eta Kappa, University of Michigan – Dearborn
  • Ryan Hanson, Beta Mu, Transylvania University
  • Timothy Ellis, Beta Mu, Transylvania University
  • Paul Thomas, Zeta Xi, St. Cloud State University
  • Timothy Lawdan, Epsilon Kappa, Loyola University Chicago
  • Duncan Parsons, Alpha Epsilon, Duke University
  • Matthew LaRoe, Alpha Mu, University of Virginia
  • Ethan Perkins, Theta Chi, University of Georgia

Men of Action Scholarships

$2,5oo for those who have committed themselves to outstanding service to their communities.

  • Chris Kaihlanen, Eta, University of Texas
  • Matthew Doty, Theta Rho, University of Oregon
  • Jacob Spitzmiller, Beta Beta, University of Missouri
  • Brandon Kellinghaus, Iota Eta, Indiana University Purdue University – Indianapolis
  • Kyle Kubovcik, Delta Omega, Cleveland State University
  • Maxim Belovol, Epsilon Kappa, Loyola University Chicago
  • Asher Zlotnik, Beta, Columbia University
  • Connor Maloney, Delta Lambda, Utah State University
  • Kevin Geck, Alpha Epsilon, Duke University
  • Matt Sparling, Iota Psi, Indiana University-Bloomington

Men of Excellence Scholarships

$2,500 for men with exceptional academic performance.

  • John Hann, Theta Chi, University of Georgia
  • Dylan Stolz, Eta Upsilon, Indiana State University
  • Brett Ross, Iota Epsilon, University of Central Florida
  • Gurvikram Boparai, Alpha Mu, University of Virginia
  • Zachary Donley, Alpha Upsilon, Kansas State University
  • Peter Trombly, Alpha Mu, University of Virginia
  • Sebastian Eder, Eta, University of Texas
  • Michael Fritz, Theta Mu, University of Kentucky
  • John Henderson, Beta Mu, Transylvania University
  • Jordan Potter, Theta Mu, University of Kentucky