Below is a listing of forms and reports undergraduate chapters will utilize throughout the calendar year. If you are looking for a form/report that you do not see on this page, members can check The LAMP. You can also contact your chapter liaison or contact Headquarters at or (317) 634-1899.

For All Members or Parents

Payment Form – pay your new member dues, initiation fee and more through this form.
Badge Request Form – request a new badge (to submit a replacement badge order, please visit Herff Jones)

For Undergraduate Chapters

New Member Report – submit the names of your chapter’s new members
New Member Pin Order Form – place orders here for your new member pin
Officer Update Form – submit newly-elected chapter officers
Status Report – due April 28 for semester schools; due May 25 for quarter/trimester schools
Men Not Initiating Report – submit names of new members who will not be initiated

Special Events Form – submit plans for an event hosted by your chapter
Expulsion Report – submit an expulsion form, or read through the Expulsion Guide for reference
Expulsion Documents – Form 156 / Form 157 / Form 159N / Form 64N
Responsibility & Accountability Form  – due Oct. 15 and Feb. 15 each year