Delta Sigma Phi prides itself on being an active partner with the campuses that host our chapters. We recognize that, together, we can create the best possible environment for our members.

Our Fraternity Growth & Support staff members are dedicated to working with campus professionals to discuss the campus culture and how Delta Sigma Phi can be an active participant in the community. Delta Sig proves that we are an atypical fraternity. We are not content to follow the status quo. We aim to be leaders and innovators on all of our campuses.

If you are looking to add a new Fraternity to your campus, we hope you consider Delta Sigma Phi. If you want to know more about how Delta Sig could positively impact your campus, contact Director of Fraternity Growth, Scott Rich at

For those with a Delta Sig chapter already on your campus, here is a list of resources for you. If you have further questions, contact Director of Fraternity Growth, Scott Rich at