If your institution or fraternity council is considering adding a new chapter, think Delta Sigma Phi.

Through our Chapter Growth efforts, we are a fraternity that builds strong new chapters that last and exude significance. We prepare projects with your mission in mind, recruit men who want to make a noticeable difference, and support each chapter for five years. It’s a formula we know to be successful.

Your Mission is at the top of our priority list. All of our marketing materials and strategic planning will be based off of the same philosophies your institution already uses to bring students to campus. Each chapter is a combination of what makes us Delta Sig and what drives you!

Men Who Want More are whom we recruit. We ask students what they want to see improved, and our men are tasked with improving it. Whether its school spirit, engagement with the community or simply attracting a new demographic to your community, we know we do best when we go beyond fraternity. We don’t aim to be cookie-cutters of groups already on campus. We accept all men and truly strive to be atypical and fill a need on campus.

Five Years is the minimum amount of time our New Chapter Support teams will work with a new chapter at your institution. That’s right. One team specially trained in the long-term development of new chapters will coach every new group of Delta Sig to significance.

If you are an institutional or fraternity council representative interested in discovering more about Delta Sig, email us. You can also take a look at our Preview Book.