The following resources from The LAMP are offered here while the platform is being refreshed. If the content you need is not listed, please email Kristin Fouts, Director of Educational Initiatives.


Crisis Management Plan

Expulsion Process

Hearing Acknowledgement & Certification

Insurance and Claims Manual

Notice of Charges

Risk Management 1: Policies

Risk Management 2: Position Statements

Risk Management Policy Review Instructions

Social Events 1: Planning Basics

Social Events 2: Basic Event Management

Social Events 3: BYOB Events

Social Events 4: Third-Party Vendor Events

Social Events 5: Crisis Management Plans

Special Events Guidelines

Standards Board 1: Purpose and Role

Standards Board 2: Incident Reporting Procedures

Standards Board 3: Hearing Process

Standards Board 4: Standards Board Meeting Procedures

Standards Board Handbook

Third Party Vendor Agreement

Undergraduate Member Expulsion Guide



New Member Education Program: 4-Week Facilitator Guide (2019)

New Member Education Program: 6-Week Facilitator Guide (2019)

New Member Education: Greek Alphabet

New Member Education: My Leadership Style

New Member Education: My Values Activity

New Member Education: National Structure & Vision

New Member Education: Who Killed Jane Doe?

The Role of Ritual in Our Chapter



How to Build a Killer Cover Letter (Pursuit & Tie)

Resume Creation from Scratch (Pursuit & Tie)

Taking on Each Stage of the Interview Process (Pursuit & Tie)



Chapter Leadership Resources

Fraternity Manual

Maintaining Momentum During Summer

Planning a Summer Retreat