LEAD Weekend

Learn, Engage, Act, and Dedicate

yourself to building the future of Delta Sigma Phi!

LEAD Weekend is Delta Sigma Phi’s new regional program that provides role-specific education to chapter officers and critical leadership training to non-officers. Undergraduates and volunteers will network throughout the program with each other and with Fraternity leaders to learn how to push their chapter and the Fraternity forward.

Participant Tracks and Who Should Attend:


  1. Bruce J. Loewenberg Recruitment: Chapter Recruitment Officers
  2. New Member Education: Chapter New Member Educators
  3. Chapter Finance Treasurer: Chapter Treasurers
  4. Risk Management: Your chapter officer that oversees risk management
  5. Standards Board Governance: Your Chapter Standards Board Chairman or Sergeant at Arms
  1. Leadership Development: Up to three chapter members who do not currently hold a position on the executive board and are interested in learning more about leadership.
  2. Cycyota Volunteer Institute: For Delta Sigma Phi’s member and non-member advisors/volunteers. This new initiative allows us to work hand-in-hand with you to ensure success.


In addition to these participant tracks there will be time throughout the program in which chapter officers and advisors will come together for keynotes and to work on a strategic plan for the chapter.

Program Objectives


  1. Chapter officers and advisors will obtain the knowledge and skill necessary to carry out the duties of their respective role.
  2. The Fraternity will build a leadership pipeline for general/non-positional members through increased touchpoints with volunteers, staff and Fraternity leaders.
  3. All attendees will become more familiar with the greater health of the Fraternity and be able to examine their role in moving the Fraternity forward.
  1. All attendees will have the opportunity to network and participate in peer-to-peer learning.
  2. All attendees will engage in creating a plan that improves their chapter’s recruitment and retention efforts, mitigate risk, and create a positive membership experience.


Note: Presidents Academy will now take place January 10-12th in Brookston, IN. There is no officer-specific training at LEAD Weekend for chapter presidents but attendance is highly encouraged to build camaraderie with other chapter officers and to be part of the chapter strategic planning process. Any chapter presidents that attend should participate in the track that is most beneficial to the chapter. Please note that chapter presidents should not attend a track in place of another chapter officer.

Why we are eliminating Summit and BMA?

Qualitative and quantitative feedback from undergraduates and alumni, chapter performance, and Voice of Customer survey data tell us that more targeted, positional programming is needed beyond the Loewenberg Membership Summit and Presidents Academy. Advisors and other chapter officers need intensive training and networking to be successful in their roles.