Presidents Academy

Better Men. Better Lives.

Development for Chapter Presidents

Presidents Academy is a three-day training initiative for undergraduate Chapter Presidents. Here, these important chapter officers learn and share best practices in management and leadership through self-assessments, keynote presentations, and individual coaching to help each attendee learn more about his specific strengths and abilities.

Program curriculum also includes Delta Sigma Phi policy and operations, with Chapter Presidents learning how to organize an effective chapter leadership team, enable and inspire others to act with courage, and take advantage of campus and Fraternity resources to be efficient and successful.

What Will You Learn?

As a result of attending Presidents Academy, members of Delta Sigma Phi will be able to:

  • Define the primary functions of their role;
  • Develop a strategic goal plan;
  • Apply skills to effectively lead their chapter officer team;
  • Identify circumstances in which chapter and personal behavior are not in alignment with Delta Sigma Phi values;
  • Identify ways to support to chapter members’ mental health;
  • Design a plan to support their personal mental health in a demanding leadership role;
  • Locate resources available to assist them as Chapter President;
  • Summarize how their respective chapter supports the Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity Vision.

Presidents Academy 2020

January 10-12, 2020

Camp Tecumseh, Brookston, IN

Register here by December 13th 

Have Questions?

Contact or Call 317.634.1899


Opens November 2019. All Chapter Presidents must register prior to December 13, 2019. Groups that register after the deadline will be subject to covering the expense of increased flight costs. Cancellation prior to the day of the program will result in the chapter paying for any travel costs incurred by the Headquarters, as well as non-refundable program expenses.



The cost of travel is covered by Delta Sigma Phi Headquarters. Chapters that are 5 hours or less from Brookston, IN are asked to drive and chapters that are 5 hours or more will fly. Drivers are reimbursed for mileage and flyers will book their flights only through Delta Sigma Phi. You will select your method of travel in the registration form and once you have submitted the form more information will be sent to you regarding travel, logistics, and the program schedule.