On September 24, 2017, Delta Sigma Phi revoked the charter of the Rho Chapter at North Carolina State University. This decision, while extremely difficult, was made in cooperation with the chapter’s alumni volunteers after repeated attempts of corrective action to address ongoing behavioral concerns of members and repeated university conduct violations.

Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity is committed to upholding our standards and fostering meaningful Fraternity experiences for our members. In July 2017, the National Fraternity was made aware of continued concerns regarding individual member actions and unsafe chapter behavior, by alumni and ACB members.  It was determined, in cooperation with alumni and ACB of the Rho chapter, that the best course of action would be for Headquarters staff and alumni to conduct a membership review and create specific operating guidelines for the chapter to obtain throughout the academic year in order to maintain the chapter’s status.  On August 12-15, 2017 members of Headquarters staff and Rho alumni and ACB conducted the membership review and the remaining undergraduate members were provided the operating expectations for the year.    In the weeks following the membership review, alumni and Headquarters staff were made aware of several repeated and ongoing violations of the student code of conduct, Fraternity policy, and the expectations outlined for the chapter following the membership review.

The National Fraternity determined, together with North Carolina State University and the Alumni Corporation Board, that such ongoing conduct presented a health and safety concern for our members and guests, and that the chapter membership was not committed to upholding the expectations provided to them.  There are good men from Rho Chapter who now must pay a great price for the actions of other members; we are truly disheartened that those brothers will lose this undergraduate component of the Fraternity experience.

The National Fraternity and university have agreed to an initial period of closure of Rho Chapter. Delta Sigma Phi is committed to providing a premier, values-based fraternity to North Carolina State University and will utilize its resources to recruit new men who—upon our return to the university—will uphold our mission of Building Better Men. We are confident that we will once again have a chapter of men who are committed to the ideals of Delta Sigma Phi.

The news of the chapter’s closure is—without a doubt—upsetting for all Rho undergraduate members, Fraternity alumni and other supporters. While difficult in the short-term, the National Fraternity is committed to working diligently with our alumni and University of North Carolina community to restore Rho Chapter with Men of Courage, Action and Excellence. If you have further questions, please contact Aaron Noon, Director of Responsibility, at the Delta Sigma Phi National Fraternity Headquarters.