Your gift to the Delta Sigma Phi Foundation helps us fund critical Delta Sigma Phi programs that develop our members into leaders on their campus, in their communities and throughout their lives. The leadership development, values discovery and professional skills one gains through Delta Sig membership is invaluable.

Listen to some of our members who have been impacted by programs funded through the Delta Sigma Phi Foundation.

NathanielGaydosik“I am so thankful for the gifts of our alumni: for supporting our national educational efforts, our scholarship and our philanthropy. You are supplying me and the brothers in my chapter with an incredible and life-changing college experience. Without faithful alumni, we would not have the vibrant fraternity we have today. You inspire me to become a strong alumnus that will financially and otherwise support our undergraduates in all of their endeavors.”

Nathaniel Gaydosik
Shorter University ’14

Bobby Puckett“I was the antithesis of a leader when I entered college. Reserved, self-conscious, shy—I did not see myself as a leader. The Fraternity changed that; the actions and examples of my brothers changed how I saw myself and my abilities. This, in turn, opened my eyes to how I could positively affect those around me. For instance, my quiet nature allowed me to be a better listener, and I learned how to reconstruct this personal aspect into a mechanism for leadership. Thus, the Fraternity was a catalyst for the leader I am still becoming – and it instilled a courage that I carry with me today.”

Bobby Puckett
Transylvania University ’10

gU-3Hzr7-xgcfNCWo1YGZqyNBtSTz1AE9csApIyMR8w0qjWF7j_tntf1N5-ReYhGvJpLnw=s190“I often used to think that Paying the Debt meant that if I put in enough work, if I put in enough hours, If I did enough for the Fraternity, I had paid that debt off. And I wanted to Pay the Debt; I don’t like owing anyone anything. Every single time I facilitate a national program, what I realize is that I end up owing more. I’m not sure who gets more out of these programs? If it’s the guys or it is me. I walk away from every program completely inspired by the men, ready to move forward, excited to do the work I continue to do in my professional life and looking forward to the next opportunity I have to come back.”

Ken Riley
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse ’85