Delta Sigma Phi awards its chapters and individual members with several honors for outstanding success. Here is a list of our most recent award recipients.

Individual Awards

Mr. Delta Sig Award
2017 recipients: 
Patrick Stephens, University of Wisconsin – La Crosse ‘67; Thomas Roeser, Purdue University, ‘70
Created in 1969, the Mr. Delta Sig Award serves as the Fraternity’s highest honor, bestowed upon an individual who has given an extraordinary service to the Fraternity for an extended amount of time. With the 2017 Convention, Delta Sigma Phi will being a new tradition of choosing a Mr. Delta Sig annually.

Career Achievement Award
2017 recipients: Justin Baldwin, San Jose State University, ‘64; Ketih Farr, PhD, University of Alabama, ‘80; Ret. Col. Dick Averitt, Duke University, ‘64; Robert Conway, St. Francis College, ’69
The Career Achievement Award is presented to members of the Fraternity who have achieved outstanding success within their chosen professions. First given in 1985, the list of recipients includes two Pulitzer Prize winners, a U.S. presidential candidate, a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. President Ronald Reagan’s deputy chief of staff, the former chairman of NCR, the CEO of the Hershey, former CEO of Walmart, and others.

E. Allen James Outstanding Undergraduate Award
2017 recipient:
Coleman Leopard, Western Carolina University, ‘15
Honorable mentions: Alexander Olp, University of Wisconsin – La Crosse ‘13; Dominic Franceschelli, University of Missouri ‘14
First presented in 1965, the Outstanding Undergraduate Award was named in honor of E. Allen James, North Carolina State University ’65, upon his retirement as Executive Director of the Fraternity in 1987. This award is presented annually to the undergraduate member who has contributed the most to his chapter and the Fraternity.

Harvey H. Hebert Memorial Award
2017 recipients:Chris Edmonds, University of Alabama at Birmingham, ‘88; Chris “Yabut” Patterson, California Polytechnic State University, ‘73; Kirk Tolle, Transylvania University, ‘79; Joe Bertolino, East Stroudsburg University of Pennysylvania, ‘94
The Hebert Awards are presented to two or more members of the Fraternity who have performed an outstanding act for the good of the Fraternity, or whose diligence and persevering work have made them worthy of the award. Recipients must have been a member in good standing for at least 10 years.

The first Harvey H. Hebert Awards were presented in 1931 in memory of Harvey H. Hebert, Tulane University ’21, who was killed in a tragic car accident while serving as Chapter President at Tulane. At the time of his death, he also served as president of Phi Delta Phi legal fraternity and was first in his class academically. The Hebert Award was the highest award in the Fraternity until the creation of the Mr. Delta Sig Award in 1969.

Francis “Pete” Wacker Interfraternity Award
2017 recipient: Judson Horras, Beta Theta Pi, CEO of the North American Interfraternity Conference
The Francis “Pete” Wacker Award for interfraternal service is presented to either a member or a nonmember of the Fraternity who has made a significant contribution to the advancement of interfraternal cooperation or the improvement of his or her own fraternity, sorority or Greek world in general.

The award is named for past Delta Sigma Phi Executive Director Francis “Pete” Wacker, Pennsylvania State University ’33. He was well known in the interfraternal world and served as president of the
Fraternity Executives Association and the College Fraternity Editors Association.

Russell T. Roebuck Outstanding National Volunteer Award
2017 recipient: Scott Moore, University of Alabama, ‘80
Given previously to District Governors and Leadership Advisors, the Russell T. Roebuck Outstanding National Volunteer Award is now presented to a national volunteer who has performed exceptional service to the chapters he has advised. The effectiveness the volunteer has shown in working with chapters, new chapters and alumni groups is the primary criterion for receiving this award.

The award is named for Russell T. Roebuck, Barton College ’58, who served the Fraternity as a member of the Grand Council and as National President.

Charles G. Bartell Outstanding Chapter Advisor Award
2017 recipient: James Gay, University of Missouri, ‘01
The Charles G. Bartell Award is presented to an individual serving in an advisory capacity to a chapter or new chapter who has excelled at leading that group.

Charles Bartell, University of Idaho ’54, served as Chapter Advisor for the Gamma Iota Chapter at the University of Idaho for more than four decades.

Executive Director Award
2017 recipients: Tom Lambert, Indiana State University, ‘88; Carol Arenstein; Benjamin Hopper, Kansas State University, ‘09
The Executive Director Award is presented to honor a member, volunteer or employee of the Fraternity for exceptional service or achievement.

Order of the Sphinx
2016-2017 recipients: Click here for full list.
Created in 1985, the Order of the Sphinx Award recognizes the significant contributions individual
undergraduate members have made to their chapters or the Fraternity as a whole. Members are
nominated for this award by their chapter, alumni advisors or the Executive Director.

Chapter Awards

The chapter awards application can be found here. 

Pyramid of Excellence Award
2016-2017 recipients: 

  • Alpha Upsilon – Kansas State University
  • Delta Epsilon – Missouri University of Science and Technology
  • Zeta Kappa – University of Northern Colorado
  • Iota Mu – Kennesaw State University
  • Beta Mu – Transylvania University
  • Theta Psi – Shorter University
  • Iota Lambda – Appalachian State University
  • Epsilon Kappa – Loyola University Chicago

The Pyramid of Excellence is the highest honor awarded to undergraduate chapters. It recognizes those chapters who are operationally exceptional, and serve as standard bearers within Delta Sigma Phi and at their host institutions.

Chapter of Distinction Award
2016-2017 recipients: 

  • Eta – University of Texas at Austin
  • Zeta Upsilon – Eureka College
  • Iota Epsilon – University of Central Florida
  • Epsilon Iota – University of Wisconsin – LaCrosse

The Chapter of Distinction is awarded to some of the highest-achieving chapters within Delta Sigma Phi. Winners of this award exceed the expectations of chapter sustainability, and model the way for their peers locally and nationally. These are high performing chapters, but have not yet met the standards for the Pyramid of Excellence.

Robert R. Harris Award for Outstanding Recruitment
2016-2017 recipient: Zeta Kappa – University of Northern Colorado
Honorable mentions: Iota Beta – Binghamton University; Methodist University
The Robert R. Harris Award for Outstanding Recruitment is awarded to the chapter and determined by three categories:, improve their recruitment efforts from one academic year to the next, demonstrate strong membership retention, and implement a values based membership selection process.

The award is named in memory of Robert R. Harris, Saint Louis University ’88, a former Director of Expansion for Delta Sigma Phi who passed away while on staff.

Loren Mall Ritual Award
2016-2017 recipient: Eta Upsilon – Indiana State University
Honorable mention: Delta Epsilon – Missouri University of Science and Technology
The chapter embodies living the Ritual by regularly rehearsing and executing all chapter-related Rituals, and by providing comprehensive Ritual analysis and education to its members at least once a semester.

Blood, Sweat & Cash
2016-2017 recipient: Iota Delta – James Madison University
Honorable mention: Beta Kappa – University of Alabama; Alpha Iota – The Ohio State University; Delta Omicron – Western Carolina University
This award for American Red Cross involvement focuses on overall engagement with our national
philanthropic service partner. A combination of blood (how the chapter contributed to blood drives), sweat (hands on service given by members of the chapter) and cash (dollars raised) are taken into consideration.

Outstanding Community Service
2016-2017 recipient: George Washington University
Honorable mentions: Alpha Upsilon – Kansas State University; Beta Mu – Transylvania University

Outstanding Philanthropy Event
2016-2017 recipient: Iota Epsilon – University of Central Florida
Honorable mention: Epsilon Rho – California Polytechnic State University
Recipients of this award went above and beyond the expectations to simply raise money for an
organization. Their local philanthropic efforts raise the bar for what it means to be a chapter of action.

Strong Leaders Award
2016-2017 recipient: Eta Upsilon – Indiana State University
Honorable mentions: Zeta Upsilon – Eureka College, Beta Mu – Transylvania University
Recipients of this award exemplify campus leadership. The selection criteria include number of campus leadership positions held.

Achieve Awards for Academic Sustainability
2017-2017 recipients:

  • Alpha Theta – University of Michigan
  • Alpha Iota – The Ohio State University
  • Alpha Pi – Michigan State University
  • Alpha Tau – Albion College
  • Eta Eta – Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Eta Upsilon – Indiana State University
  • Iota Nu –  State University of New York at Plattsburgh
  • Alpha Gamma – Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Alpha Upsilon – Kansas State University
  • Gamma Chi – Drexel University
  • Delta Epsilon – Missouri University of Science and Technology
  • Theta Chi – University of Georgia
  • Theta Psi – Shorter University
  • Iota Theta – Boise State University
  • Iota Iota – Case Western Reserve University
  • Delta Mu – Loyola Marymount University
  • Theta Rho – University of Oregon
  • George Washington University
  • Beta – Columbia University
  • Beta Beta – University of Missouri
  • Beta Mu – Transylvania University
  • Theta Mu – University of Kentucky
  • Eta – University of Texas
  • Alpha Delta – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Alpha Epsilon – Duke University
  • Alpha Mu – University of Virginia
  • Alpha Sigma – University of Maryland, College Park
  • Kappa Delta – Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
  • Iota Lambda – Appalachian State University
  • Hilgard – University of California, Berkeley
  • Omega – University of Pittsburgh
  • Gamma Rho – Gannon University
  • Epsilon Kappa – Loyola University Chicago
  • Zeta Upsilon – Eureka College
  • Bradley University