Fraternity Staff


Delta Sigma Phi leadership are tasked with managing the day-to-day operations of the Fraternity, as well as strategic planning for growth and development.

Patrick Jessee

Purdue University '01
Executive Director & CEO
(317) 634-1899 ext. 412

Amber Huston

Chief Operations Officer
(317) 634-1899 ext. 453

Fraternity Growth and Support

The chapter support team works with existing undergraduate chapters and new chapters on operations (including dues payment, member intake and general membership inquiries) and leadership development. The fraternity growth team manages the establishment of new and redeveloped chapters, as well as opportunities for Fraternity expansion.

Ry Beck

University of North Texas 04
Director of Fraternity Growth and Support
(317) 617-3792


J.R. O’Flynn

Stetson University '12
Senior Chapter Support Specialist
(317) 634-1899 Ext. 472


Elliott Beach

Thiel College '12
Chapter Support Coordinator
(317) 634-1899 Ext. 497


Chris Crawford

Eastern Michigan University '13
New Chapter Development Specialist
(317) 719-7366


Blake Shepheard

Missouri State University '15
New Chapter Development Specialist
(317) 750-6443


Brendan O’Connor

Iowa State University '14
Chapter Support Specialist
(317) 601-9772


Sam Edwards

Kansas State University '13
Recruitment Specialist
(317) 504-0314


Matt Beauchamp

Loyola Marymount University '13
Recruitment Specialist
(317) 601-3458


Nick Dietrich

UCLA '16
Recruitment Specialist
(206) 601-6103


Our education staff develop educational and leadership development programs and initiatives. This includes in-person programs such as LI, Summit and Presidents Academy, as well as online resources through The LAMP.

Kristin Fouts

Director of Educational Initiatives
(317) 634-1899 ext.464


Brittany Ankeny-Dooley

Assistant Director of Educational Programs
(317) 634-1899 ext. 481


A vital element of Delta Sigma Phi, this staff member manages the financial and budgetary systems for the Fraternity and Foundation.

Carol Arenstein

Director of Finance
(317) 634-1899 ext. 424


Michael Sheldon

Millikin University '14
Membership Services Coordinator
(317) 634-1899 x492


These important support staff members assist the executive team and other staff in areas of office and database management.

Diane Larson

Meetings & Events Coordinator
(317) 634-1899 ext. 422


Tom Lambert

Indiana State University ’89
Systems Administrator
(317) 634-1899 ext. 415

Risk Management & Housing

Risk Management and Housing staff educate all members on harm reduction strategies and handle member misconduct reports. It also oversees Delta Sigma Phi Alcohol Free Housing initiatives and housing resources.

Aaron Noon

Director of Responsibility
(317) 439-4963

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Volunteer Engagement

This department works with Delta Sigma Phi national volunteers on training, volunteer recruitment and resources to help them succeed in their roles.

Brandon Wells

Fresno State University ’03
Director of Volunteer Engagement
(317) 634-1899 ext. 484

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Communications staff assist the Fraternity and Foundation in marketing and messaging efforts. They oversee the Delta Sig website, social media, and all other print and digital communications, including The Carnation magazine.

Adam Lowe

Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis '16
Director of Communications
(317) 634-1899 ext. 469


Casey Dwyer

Kansas State University ’08
Director of Digital Initiatives
(317) 634-1899 ext. 468


Micah Christensen

Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis '16
Communications Coordinator
(317) 634-1899 ext. 479

Foundation Staff


The Foundation is the fundraising arm of Delta Sigma Phi. A recognized 501c3 entity, it solicits and accepts fundraising dollars and initiatives.

Patrick Jessee

Purdue University '01
Executive Director & CEO
(317) 634-1899 ext. 412

Nathan Wight

Illinois State University ’97
Chief Advancement Officer
(317) 687-3596


Caroline Escobar

Manager of Advancement Operations
(317) 634-1899 ext. 499